S-and-G-Soap-Company's Profile

Hello everyone. My name is Melanie Gamble. I am, a fun-loving, passionate, driven, lover of God person.

I have been making bath and body care items and natural skin care items since 2012.

I've tried different avenues for business and life happened. School happened and job changes happened, moving to different towns happened, and some of those things fell off along the way.

This time around, it's a different story.I am at a stable place in my life, and I have grown as a human. My desire is to build something that I am wholeheartedly passionate about.

That is S&G Soap Co. This business began out of a need to make my own soaps. With very sensitive skin, issues with UV rays, and prone to breakouts of all kinds, I was desperate to find soap that would help me. Soap that would soften my skin and not dry it out. Soap that would help heal my skin's mantle and dermal layer rather than strip it of everything good.

Thus my journey begin with taking soap courses and learning from expert soap makers. I not only learned about the process of soap making, but I learned the science behind soap making and I fell in love with all of it!

I take soap making very seriously. I've worked very hard and learned from some very educated people. My goal was to create a product that I was not only confident about, but I was sure about in terms of safety, and effectiveness. I have done that and now I offer organic shea butter soaps to all of you, my fellow humans, and travelers on this journey called LIFE.

At S&G Soap Co. We offer a wide variety of soaps. Because I love options and I want others to have options. I would love to help you find soaps that you and your family could enjoy.

I am here if you have any questions at all. No question is too small. I can help guide you on what may be best suited for your skin type or your family needs.

That is a little bit about me. Thank you for the opportunity of letting me share. I look forward to working with you.

Melanie ❤️ S&G Soap Co.

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