SalmonGroup's Profile

Estefanía Neira Founder

Young product designer who has been creating wood products for exportation since 2016. On this journey she has realized the potential of Colombian design, learned the process to send products worldwide and now is working with different designers, joining forces to create exceptional objects and showing these amazing pieces to the world.

About Salmon Group

We are a group of young designers, in love with product design and working really hard to show our products to the world. We found our love for handcrafted products in common and decided to join forces to create Salmon Group.

By mixing our passions and personalities together we make premium product design. We live in Colombia and choose to set up our workshop in Bogotá. Proud of our culture, passionate about experimental processes and with the vision on XXI century design, each object tells a story about ourselves.

This adventure began on 2017 and slowly has been shaping since then. Taking its time, designers have joined the team and every kind of objects are being imagined, designed and created with true love.