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Hi! My name is Donna and I call myself a Sewing & Embroidery Enthusiast because I love sewing and all types of needle art. I enjoy a variety of sewing and embroidery techniques, so my fabric creations are often one-of-a-kind or few-of-a-kind pieces.

I'm often inspired by my two terriers, who think they run the place. Keli is a West Highland Terrier and Penny is a Wauzer (Westie/Schnauzer mix) and I occasionally refer them, with affection, as my 'Pesties'.

  • Please note that I've recently returned from a leave of absence for medical reasons. Pre-made, ready-to-ship items are available in both my standalone websites, in my Etsy shop and here on ArtFire. Made-to-order dog bandanas and ruffles can be ordered from my website.

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