UniqueTrader's Profile

We make theatrical quality costumes of all kinds and other sewn items, always something nice. We love custom work and can bring your ideas to life.

We specialize in a medieval tunic costume for festivals, promotions, and the stage that looks great, is machine washable, and so comfortable you don't even know you have it on.

We also do some nice ladies' colonial period dress and skirts, and we make pocket hoops for colonial wear.

We also do hats from time to time, here lately it's pirate colonial tricorne hats. Commercially available Tricornes are almost child sized, seems like, and if you wear a hat bigger than a size 7 you're out of luck, Especially if you are wearing a wig. You can't even wear it, you just got to hold it, and wave it around. And there's no color selection

Our "actor's hat" is like a big old Guy Fawkes looking thing that's made to your size and has a wired brim for shaping into tricornes, bicornes, Hornblowers, Napoleons, American Civil War, Cowboys any look you want. We make make them from modern acrylic felt and there's a wide selection of colors. We do a lot of browns and grays, and of course black. We can also make them from from wool felt, by your request, and we'll quote you.

We also do pirate shirts and blouses for the ladies, and pirate vests, coats, and trousers. when called upon. We make a wonderfull 5 yard skirt for the tavern wenches that looks authentic and preserves modesty to the nth degree, allowing ladder climbing and bar dancing in full view of the public.

On the other side of the house we make 1/144 scale model airplane kits from polyurethane resin using over 100 silicone rubber molds which we also make.Most of our kits are from hand-carved masters, and are very basic and simple, created in "flying mode" with gear up and props turning. But we include landing gear parts and propellers for most. These kits are for experienced modelers, with detailing skills and all the tools and materials they need.

We also a nice line of detailed World War Two Fighters that re more like conventional plastic kits, only resin plastic. Biggest difference is that you use super glue instead of plastic model cement.

!/144 scale is a very popular scale for wargamers, airliner modelers, museums, and the hobbyists at large. 1/144 scale means that one inch on the model is equal to 144 inches, or twelve feet, on the real thing.So a six foot tall man is 1/2 inch tall in 1/144 scale.

Most, not all, but many of the airplanes we model are types that are not available in 1/144 scale from any model manufacturer, so we can help complete a lot of collections.

Our decals for the kits are historically accurate, with opaque colors on thin tough, carrier film. You can use your favorite setting solutions, or just plain water in most cases,

Resin kits are challenging, but we stand behind them, ready with replacement parts, or anything else you need to complete your models. We want you to enjoy the items you purchase from us.

Polyurethane resin polyester resin sheet styrene plastic. brass rod and tube stainless steel .30 mig welding wire hobby paint bottles hobby paint sprays airbrush thinners and cleaners fabric of all kinds hot glue contact cement fake fur silicone molding rubber art supplies art tools.