WhimOriginals' Profile

I am a metalsmith at heart. Living at the very tip of the Thumb of Michigan my studio overlooks Lake Huron. I don't see much of the lake while working because I am a night owl, studio lights are usually on until 3am.

I started out as an art teacher for middle school students, LOVED that. Then transitioned into a career as a Project Manager for software companies, yes a right brain applies exceptionally well.

I moved to the tip of the Thumb to help with aging parents and needed something to keep me out of trouble. I started with beads and made the transition to metals about 6 years ago. I love it!

I tell customers that I have a case of ADHD in the studio because I can never settle of one form of jewelry making. I am constantly exploring new techniques, materials and ideas.

The one constant I have always heard about my jewelry is that customers will be stopped on the street, in a restaurant, or at work, by people asking where they bought their jewelry or just to tell them how much they love it. "Jewelry to be Noticed"!

Copper Aluminum Sterling Silver Beach glass Gemstones Leather Rope Twine