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We are Mike and Jaime Best, the dynamic duo behind BestArtStudios. We are a married couple, both self taught, but passionately driven artists. We've been working together to develop BestArtStudios since 2004. Best is our last name, Art is our trade and our Studio is where our products are born, so the name was pieced together. Our physical location is a small in-home studio, located in the United States mid-west. With all of the necessities our trade requires, we prefer organized chaos for ease of use and the studio really isn't much to look at. Plastic covers the studio from floor to ceiling and our equipment is warped with age. However, it is one of our favorite places in the world. To us it is full of creation and color. We spoke of being self taught, and to clarify we'd like to emphasize the word taught. We have both devoured books upon books of techniques and the use of different mediums. We've spent countless hours watching teachers on video, we've explored the works of masters and through years of practice and experimentation we've grown and evolved as artists. That growth does not end until we stop educating ourselves. We both feel that painting is about creating something where there was nothing before. The inexplicable pull to add color and motion to objects lacking those things. The inspiration behind the color and motion can be anything, literally anything. A tree spotted from a car window, a bottle of motor oil, a plastic bag blowing in the wind, an innocent kiss or a passionate one...the list could go on and on. Everyday life can be fantastical if seen in a certain light, we try to capture that in our paintings. We both enjoy gardening and cooking. Like most people we enjoy being entertained, we both love most things science fiction and epic fantasy based. Mike has an extensive collection of vintage Star Wars toys and Jaime owns hundreds of books all worn with use. We share our home with Jaime's Mother Charlene and five four-legged creatures.

Our Production Method... All of our paintings are original creations, 100% hand-painted by us. Done primarily on Cotton Canvas, watercolor paper, or panels. We use quality acrylic paints, varnishes, and texture mediums. The painting process starts with conceptualizing, this is done using a mixture of materials and tools (Sketch pads, pencils, ink, etc.). When an idea occurs to either of us it is off to the drawing board, characters are sketched, landscapes are laid out and the painting begins on paper... once the idea has taken form we turn to the canvas for execution. At any point during the actual painting process we might turn to photoshop to gain some visual conformation (what would a butterfly look like here, would the rainbow look better in bold color or muted tones). We use a variety of paints, mediums, and techniques while working. When a painting is finally finished (a process that can take anywhere from a few hours to a month) it is left to dry for at least 48 hours before a coat of varnish is applied. If done on stretched canvas the paintings edges will be painted black.

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