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Many industries will have their own dedicated directories, whether it’s something anyone can quickly register for, or something that requires official membership. If you’re already the member of any organisation like that, make sure that you’ve got an active directory listing — and that it’s up to date, with a link through to your website, of course. Also, make sure you don’t get caught out with a professional directory sharing information from when you first registered, if it’s no longer accurate — like if you’ve moved premises, changed your opening hours, or any number of other factors that can change with time. Of course, there are many more general directory websites, and a tonne of other social media platforms, too. When it comes to directories, go wild — as long as it’s a trusted source of information (a quick Google should usually highlight any scams or flash-in-the-pan organisations). Also consider leaving testimonials for other businesses or suppliers with whom you’ve worked, including a link back to your site in your accreditation. For other social options, stick to platforms that you intend to actually use. If your trade is in emergency plumbing, you might not be best suited to a visual platform like Pinterest or Instagram. But on the other hand, if there are quick fixes that a layperson would be able to achieve, and you’re willing to pass that information on free of charge, you could have a booming YouTube channel.