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i've been sewing in earnest since about 1993. before i could sew, i taped and stapled clothes together on my dolls. my degree is in costume design, more specifically, theatrical costuming. curious cat clothing consists of me, my husband, who shleps heavy things, and my #1 minion, Erin, who helps (wo)man the booth at conventions. i'm a stay at home mommy to my son, gabriel and daughter, lillian. when Gabe and Lily are at school, i sew/cut stuff out/clean/occasionally facebook/eat bon-bon's (YEAH, RIGHT!).

I AM A FABRIC SNOB! if it's not cotton, silk, linen, or just feels pretty, i don't want to work with it. i have a big room of fabric/trim/buttons/patterns. so much fabric, in fact, that we now built a studio in the basement which is nice because i can watch sci-fi while i work now. it even has a door that i can shut! (not that anybody pays any mind to that.)

i like to cater to plus size men and women, being a plus size girl, myself. we deserve fun and sexy things to wear, don't we? so.. with that in mind, feel free to peruse my things here or my website at right now, the best selling items are my hawaiian shirts (in the craziest fabrics you ever saw!), brocade corsets, and hats. i am always open to custom work and original ideas, as well. thanks for looking!

cotton silk brocade linen