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I am not a business. I do my crafts for my enjoyment and the enjoyment of others. Since the death of my husband, my crafts have been my life-line.

I do not have a fancy studio I use almost every room in my house for the many crafts I do. This is another reason I can keep my prices low, low over head.

I don't take the best of pictures due to not being able to hold the camera steady and judging good light. But I try my very best to do my best to show you what you would get if you buy it from me. Plus it keeps my prices low by not paying someone else to take the pictures for me.

My grammar is enough to scare any teacher but at my age it han't going to be changing. In fact I have been told I was an old ignorant illiterate hillbilly due to the way I write. Have to say I am proud as Hell to be a Hillbilly. I was raised to be honest, truthful, kind, sharing, respectful of others but most of all to be myself and never ever treat others in an unkind fashion that I wouldn't want to be treated myself. Plus it helps my prices low by not having someone else write my descriptions for me.

What I do have is a love, talent and pride for my crafts. I excel in that part of my life. I do not need to write good or take great pictures to sew, knit, make jewelry and everything else I do in life. I have learned to do what I can and not worry about what I am unable to do.

I have been selling my crafts for over 50 years, on line selling before 1998. You can check my feedback here, eBay, Esty and Zibbet - right now that is where I am selling. Using the same ID as I do here.

I started sewing before I was old enough to go to school. I came from a strong line of hillbilly women that crafted back when it was needed to make ends meet. In fact some of the family line was American Indian

Back when making soap, clothing, blankets, quilts, even cooking wasn't a faze but the way to live. I made my family clothing till it became cheaper to buy ready made. Now that they are grown with homes of their own, I have more time to do what I love the most ....... crafting what I want to do

I was taught to do it right and if I make a mistake to start over again. I was taught that anything worth having took time and care.

When I started selling my work I was under 8 years old, I was told to set my prices at what I would pay for it. I was told to never sell anything that I wouldn't be thrilled to buy myself. So I keep that in mind when I am making things, I do so using what I like or what my family members would like. For if it doesn't sell I have my gifts already

My crafts IS my hobby yet it is what buys my food and pays my bills. Due to this I take great pride into what I do. So much pride I use my same ID everyplace I sell. I want people to know I have nothing to hide and to check me out.

I may write like an old crone but there is always a song in my heart and love in my fingers as I write or do my crafts. I never ever work on my crafts when angered. I do work on my crafts with much joy and hope that part of that joy passes on to it's new owner.

I have 3 grown living children, and 6 living grandchildren, 1 great grandson and grandmother to 3 dogs [not here son doesn't have real children they have 3 of the cutest little dogs that are their "boys". :)

I sell on Etsy, Zibbet and eBay using the same ID as I do here customizedjust4you If you ever have a question please just ask, if you have a problem with me or my item please let me know.

Fabric Thread Wire Canvas Wax Paper well just getting down to it anything I can find to work with. I also LOVE vintage since I am very vintage. :)