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. Running a little ahead, I note that I have a Worx WG322 20V Rechargeable. Many people underestimate the battery tool, recognizing only the screwdrivers and calling such a tool "toys." To some extent they are right: the cordless tool will never (at least in the near future) match the power of the corresponding power tools or the power tools, this can be said to be the main and main minus of modern battery technology. The second minus is the price, the price of the battery tool is almost 2 times the power tool of the same function. But these are not the only criteria for choosing a tool! The cordless tool occupies a niche between the fuel tools and the power tool network: the autonomy of the first and the environmental friendliness of the second (although this is all relative). It is very indicative of this, that many proffies are beginning to acquire a cordless tool, having finally evaluated their merits, but so far their choice has been limited mainly to circular and saber saws. For chains, this has not yet been noted. It is very remarkable that the workers of the chainsaw services services discouraged me from buying this tool, arguing that the power and speed of the chain were low, although they never even held such a tool in their hands. This also played a role: how can one talk about the disadvantages and merits of the tool without trying it in work? I needed a tool for small work on the site and the construction of a frame house. Of course, it would be possible to take a regular power saw or a chainsaw. But I took the battery and did not regret it, it has: Automatic chain lubrication Automatic chain tension Compact and lightweight Powershare compatibility The Worx WG322E.9 chain saw is powered by a 20 V battery, which has all the advantages of lithium-ion technology. The battery has a large capacity, low self-discharge and no memory effect. The lubrication as well as the tension of the chain is made automatically, therefore the chain is always in a well-tensioned state. Soft-coated handle and hand protection provide comfort and safety. Optionally, a three-meter-long extension rod can be supplied, with which it is convenient to cut even high branches. The package does not include a battery and charger. Worx Powershare: universal use of batteries, saving money! Use existing Worx batteries as well as a charger without any problems and save money when buying new Worx devices! The package does not include batteries and charger.