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Starting out as a hobby in 2006, DianesDangles LLC was established in January, 2012. Creating gemstone beaded jewelry satisfied my love of color and design and was my avenue for unleashing the hidden artist in me that I never knew existed. I quickly learned the skills for making beaded jewelry and then went on to working with sterling silver metal. My silversmithing skills were acquired over two years of attending classes. With these newly acquired skills, I could now design and make my own pendant and then add a beaded necklace. Initially, art and crafts shows were my selling venues. Then, I decided to offer my products here on Artfire. Many of my jewelry items are made with gemstone beads and crystals. There are also many sterling silver gemstone pendants that I have designed and hand crafted. I have been working on a new line of jewelry that consists of coin pendants where all of the bezel settings are handmade out of 14kt gold filled metal. LLC status was obtained beginning in 2012 and I am very excited to have my own business. My business goal is to continue to offer beaded designed jewelry and expand on my sterling silver design pieces and coin jewelry.

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