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Being a part of the BU community will help you enrich your experience through integrated subjects and essay writing service, and life-changing programs. Students in BU are supported and encouraged by the school to develop healthy lifestyles, establish sound interpersonal relationships, grow a deeper Christian faith, and explore opportunities that cultivates and flourishes their skills. Once you become a student in the university, you will also have the chance to take advantage of the various student services that will assist you in succeeding in your chosen career. You will also be able to join university activities that can enhance your interpersonal skills and network with companies and organizations in your chosen field of study to learn more about the expectations of the workforce towards the end of your studies. Prospective students can send in their applications together with the required documents as early as November 1 for freshmen. For transferees, you can send in your requirements and letter of application as early as December 1. They also have a day of admissions for transferees which is May 15, and fall admissions are on June 15. International students can send in their applications as early as November 1 and regular admissions are everyone of February. To view the full application process and schedules you can visit the online application for Baylor University on their website.

When Should Prospective Students Enroll