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Greetings and Welcome to the workshop. I am an old folk kazoo maker born and raised in the foot hills of western North Carolina in an atmosphere rich in traditional bluegrass/ folk music. At a young age I was exposed to a treasure chest of "Carolina Style" traditional handmade folk instruments, folk music and folk musicians. I was taught how to make my first wooden folk kazoo by my Dad in his homestead workshop in the summer of 1961.

I joined the United States Navy in 1970 spending a lot of years at sea having a look around the world and retired in 1991. I think a lot of us old sailors who spent many years at sea dreamed about a piece of land in the country. I sure did. At sea I was an avid reader of Mother Earth News and Organic Gardening Magazine. Reading them at sea and dreaming about ideas from an old book I once read published in 1920 titled "Five Acres and Independence". In 2006 I retired a second time from the HVAC mechanical field and moved to The Homestead five acres and named it The Aswego Homestead because I had no real plan for what I wanted to do on land and started out just trying a few different things as I went. After a total failure with agriculture due to tropical storms and flooding one year and severe drought and hurricanes the another year I decided it best to return to my roots and harvest wooden folk kazoos.

The Great Aswego Kazoo Factory is not some big company or anything like that. It's the workshop of an old retired Navy Chief and the dream of an old sailor of where to spend the rest of my time making Carolina Style Kazoo and sharing the experience with folks around the world through video and still photography. Perhaps inspire the next generation of kazoo makers. Maybe pick a little guitar or ukulele and write few songs too. My goal is to keep having fun making kazoos and for the workshop to pay it's part of the homestead overhead.

More importantly is that kazoos are on my Bucket List! I want to have at least one kazoo in every country on the planet before I head to that big Kazoo Factory In The Sky. As of this writing I have kazoos in 31 countries, 1 territory and the Arctic Circle! Plus I have kazoos on all continents except for Antarctica. I hope some day in the future that one of my grand or great grand kids will be watching an Antique Road Show and see one of Grandpa's kazoos turn up! I hope it's a Performer FatBoy Kazoo! :-)

Happy Kazooing To All! and remember..... "If you ain't hummin' wood, you just ain't hummin' folk!"

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