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Hi everyone, my name is Ana. I am originally from Colombia and live in Miami. My husband and I owned several embroidery kiosks in the Boston area, We got tired of paying hundreds of dollars to digitizers when we needed to have a custom logo digitized., paying up to $50 for simple designs,. so I bought myself the best embroidery software I could buy and started learning to digitize myself,. There was a huge learning curve but with online digitizing classes and much practice digitizing logos from our embroidery business, I picked it up pretty quick. and in the end, we saved much money in the process. That was in the early 2000; we eventually sold our kiosks in Boston and we re-located to Miami, where we now reside. We opened an embroidery kiosk in a mall but I had my first baby so I stayed home and started free lance digitizing myself.. I now digitize from home for the past 4 years. I would love the opportunity to work with you on futureā€¦