motionSensor's Profile

Homeowners and businesses are increasingly looking for energy-saving lighting control options. Lighting solution controls not only save electricity and reduce electric bills but also offer convenience and security.

Motion sensors can be used to save energy in commercial and residential settings. When passive infrared detects motion, motion sensors can turn on or off lights automatically. Occupancy sensors are types of motion sensors that can automatically turn on the light when detecting occupancy and turn off the light when the room is empty. Vacancy sensors require turning on the light manually and can turn off the light when the room is vacant.

For different purposes, there are wall-mount and ceiling-mount motion sensors. Rayzeek has a wide range of high-quality occupancy sensors and motion sensors that can be used in the U.S. and EU regions with RoHS, FCC and UL certifications.

Rayzeek is committed to providing innovative, energy-saving lighting solutions that benefit both consumers and businesses worldwide. Our main lighting control portfolio includes motion sensors and occupancy sensors as well as lighting sensors, dimmers, and other related components.

Rayzeek offers a safe, secure, and energy-friendly lifestyle that is touchless, automated, safe, and easy to use.