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At the same time, I consider the online forum ‘green-text story’ (with which I opened), and memes and internet culture at large, as a series of compact packages of affect and association with clear political repercussions. Green-text stories are prevalent in parts of the internet favouring new right-wing politics, and they function as poetic carriers and modifiers of online culture. Although they are treated almost always as fictional by the community, in their spread they remain powerful indicators of a politics intended to transgress norms and uphold traditional conceptions of masculinity through ironic self-debasement. Moving through time rapidly towards a speculated finish, often a story will have a twist at the end. They call to being a reality which is assumed to be kinked, misshapen in some way. They fit into a culture of conspiracy, and of a world which is almost wished into a fucked-up-being — a world wished to be as depraved as the anonymous user who self-deprecatingly accosts their own bodily conditions. Enchantment is two-faced. For Bennett it straddles ‘delight and disturbance’. For me, it also stands in for a broader type of ugly thinking. I consider enchantment in line with magical thinking, and I argue that in all its beauty, magical thought also gives agency to those new and angry voices in the Alt-Right which have worked themselves up into a false sense of disenfranchisement.