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"I was born in Minsk, the Republic of Belarus. I have been drawing since my childhood.I remember how I used to put my toys infront of me and redraw them in pencil on paper. And at the time when I went to gymnasium I sewed and made closing design. Before entering the university, I wanted to start my own business, so that's why I entered the University of Economics - Minsk Innovation University. During the first year at the university, I started painting pictures for the money according to different orders. More than 8 years, I have been redrawing masterpieces of world art such artists as Dali, Monet, Caravaggio, Van Gogh, Modigliani, etc. Then I realized that there are only very few people in this world who create something great, and there are hundreds of people who want to copy their masterpieces. So now I do not want to copy anymore, I want to create something great. With these words, I began preparations for my personal exhibition of paintings ""Passionary"", held in Minsk on 8 September. My paintings display passion. Why passion? Because it is the most vivid emotion, which motives humanity. This is a feeling that is out of control. Appearing, it destroys everything to what people are used to, so many people are afraid of passion, trying to avoid its manifestations. But it is passion - what vigorously striving for its goal of significant manpower! Once you show your passion, you become much more effective and will certainly achieve success! Only that type of people become great, they remain in the history! You must love what you are doing and show your passion - I think it's important. Now I am under preparations for my next show. And I have plans to held exhibitions all over the world. I hope that with your help I will find my audience which will appreciate my art. Thank you!"

Canvas oil paint texture paste.