weddingflutes' Profile

My name is Ginta. I am professional artist. I grew up in the countryside in beautiful place full of peace and tranquillity. Nature charm and colorful details of the landscape has given me the inspiration of what I do and what I’ve become now. Passion for art and nature is my greatest gift and combined with a simple wish to make people happy is what stands behind my little artworks. I don’t like making things complicated, so I make simplicity special for those who appreciate unique design and seek the way how to hold the breathtaking moments in their and the loved ones hearts forever. Wedding is one of the magnificent moments in life. As a desperate romantic I love to take a part of others happiest moments in life through my artwork – glass and linen staining. Making others feel special on their very special day- this is what keeps me going with full devotion to what I love. Little things can make a huge difference. Linen guest books, photo albums, linen wedding pillows - say all what you want with all warmth of you heart. Your dreams can be fulfilled with a couple of touch of true artist hands. Helping to share the beauty of life with my artwork and to acknowledge that I’ve been a part of the moment when true love makes it final triumph – this is truly what makes me fly.

I hope you will enjoy my works and I will help to make your holiday very special.