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Antioch, CA, United States


color, fine yarn, good fiber, handspinner's raw fleece

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Life is too short to not be blissfully creating something beautiful, may that be something tangible, or not.

I dye and make these things i make for sale because it makes me happy. Working with colors, nude bases and raw fleeces makes my heart sing . If all artisan-created items were a star each, what a constellation that would be.

(I dye and make these things i make for sale because it also gives me a revenue of income. Working with colors, nude bases and raw fleeces, and then selling them means that i can dye, wash fleeces and be creative to my heart's content while supporting wool farmers and someone else's yarn/fiber needs/wants.)

I find that the fiberart process in and of itself can be likened to one of active-creative transmutation or ethereal metamorphosis in its own time, hence the amorphous-crystalline feel that comes with the name akasha-zeropoint. I might reword this expression the next time i can articulate it better, which may or may not occur.

On the technical side of thing, i am trained in the ways of science and engineering. Parallel to that, i have been immersed in fiberarts for a short 10 years, dyeing for 6 and been with etsy for 5. Please check out what my patrons have to say about my creations and their experiences:


I am as much a consumer as i am a vendor and i strive to please within reason. It is my wish that you enjoy working with the items you purchased from this store. Each have been mindfully and lovingly made.