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EAGLE PASS, TX, United States


I love to crochet and quilt. Even though I don't have sufficient room to quilt large items, I'm happy with making smaller items. Apart from making handmade gifts, I also love to read, My sister has been a major influence on my reading list (she is a teacher). So far, I have enjoyed every one of her recommendations. My family is very important to me, on the weekends we try to spend time together whether it's going out to lunch or having a mini road trip. I also started a blog, a place where I can write more about things that matter to most to me.

Skills and Techniques

I used to only be able to crochet at night or a little bit on the weekends. I reorganized my work and I'm happy I can work mainly form home. I have now have more time to create handmade gifts. I do a lot of research, I like to see what is trending and how I can create something that will catch someone's eye.

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Get to Know

I started to crochet as a hobby and fell in love with it. I immediately made hats, gloves and scarves for all my family. Then my friends noticed the items I had made and asked about them. I gave some out as gifts and realized I could probably do more. We love our children, who were both premature, so we can relate on the happiness that is shared when a baby is born. We would love to have the opportunity to play a small part in your memories with our items. We are dedicated to make beautiful handmade items to bring to a smile to anyone's face. Hope you can find that perfect item at our shop, thank you for visiting us!
We look forward to the future and wish everyone the very best!

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