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Hazleton, PA, United States

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Welcome to AM Designs by Angela the home of artfully handcrafted jewelry by me, Angela McKenna.


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Skills and Techniques

My journey as a Jewelry Designer is mostly ahead of me but, I have learned quite a number of skills in my travels thus far, I use many of them to create unique, mostly "one-of-a-kind" pieces. However, my personal favorite techniques are: wire forming, wire wrapping, wire weaving, forming, forging, shaping, texturing and piercing sheet metals, and assembling using both hot (solder) and cold (rivets) connections. I do have a growing list of techniques to challenge my skills & talent in the futur

Get to Know

Thank you for stopping in...I am a one woman jewelry studio creating artfully handcrafted jewelry and I strive to make all of my customers glad they purchased from AMDesignsbyAngela. I have been designing and handcrafting jewelry made from Silver, Copper, some Gold-Filled and Semi-Precious Gemstones since early 2006. I've spent the previous 35 years working as a creative professional in Men's Apparel, Interior Decorating, Graphic Design while fostering hobbies in Pottery & Card Design. As a Self Representing Artist Jewelry Designer. Member #674, I maintain my own website at I am also an Administrator at Starving Jewelry Artists, a jewelry forum ( offering a family friendly place to share and learn a wide variety of jewelry making techniques and more. Thanks for visiting my shop. Angela McKenna If you have any questions about the items offered in this shop please contact me.

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