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Ventura, CA, United States

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Accidentally Perfect is a handmade business based in southern California. Mimi, the make-and-do fiber artist, has been designing and making home decor, apparel, and gift items for over 35 years. Her craft talents include crochet, knit, sewing, quilting, all types of needlepoint, and that's not where it ends.

Mimi is a gifted cartomancer and pendulum user. (What is a cartomancer? So glad you asked!) Cartomancy is a very old world method of acquiring spiritual information using a regular deck of 52 cards with both jokers. Using a deck of playing cards, Mimi is able to pull information about your current situation, as well as how things can go in the short and long term. After cards are dealt and read, Mimi uses a pendulum to ask yes/no questions to deepen your understanding.

Welcome to this one of a kind shop!