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PORT HADLOCK, WA, United States


Anything in the beautiful great outdoors, especially in the PNW!
I grew up just before, more accurately during the beginning of the age of cell phones and video games! I played outside all day, & was expected to find things to do & use my imagination...
Well it turned out that I was a little more intelligent and maybe mature than most of my friends that were in my age group, so I spent a lot of my time talking to and learning from the adults around me, actually that's how I learned about and was exposed to the art of Pyrography!
A nieghbor guy used to spend almost all his time doing it, but they were amazing and people bought them.... I think that it was his only form of income, now that I think about it.
I was also always interested in local Native American Artforms. One of my favorite being the weaving of Cedar Bark into items like Baskets and Clothing. They have also perfected the technique of weaving some of these cedar baskets tightly enough, with dryed cedar bark (which is a lot harder to work with, than fresh or soaked bark), so that when it's wet thoroughly the cedar bark expands, & in doing so creates a water tight seal and gives you a basket that can hold or transport water!!! I can't wait to try and master that.
I love to build things too! Making anything with my hands is awesome, even though I'm suffering from Carpal Tunnel syndrome currently, but hope to get that fixed soon.
If I couldn't use my hands, I don't know what I do, its one of the only things that helps my mental health issues.

Skills and Techniques

I visualize a project, and I dive in head first and figure things out along the way.

Get to Know

I loved growing up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, especially on the Olympic Peninsula, mainly because the Olympic National Forest & Park were literally in my back yard! I grew up in a small town called Port Townsend, WA , which is an amazing Old Victorian Sea Port, with Victorian Architecture everywhere, from the Houses, Buildings, & the many Castles (yes I said Castles). This town also has a Hippie type counterculture which I've always loved and embraced, from the yurts to the farmers markets, as well as everything in between. A lot of the art forms I have been exposed to, and still do today, I learned from this town, this area, & the ppl who live here, especially the "counterculture"(which I think is quickly becoming, just the "Culture", w/out the "counter" part!lol).

Pyrography, which is the art of Burning intricate images into wood or leather, is one of my mainstays in my artwork, however I also, Weave baskets from vines & make Native American style cedar bark baskets, I build things like Bat Houses, Bird Houses, as well as anything else I can wrap my mind around & figure out how to construct.

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