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How I got started

I learned about hair loss treatment when my grandmother suffered severe hair loss and was almost completely bald. She was embarrassed. She would never remove her black headscarf around people. She never went to get her hair braided like most of the women in that culture. One day I saw her without her scarf by accident, I was shocked and scared. I didn’t know what to say because at that time, I thought hair loss was only a problem for old men, not middle-aged women.

Ever since then, all I could think about was studying hair problems, so that I would never have to go through what my grandmother had to. I studied hair from many secret societies to find the solution for hair loss. I tried to save myself from becoming like my grandmother. This then led me to the development of my company, Ancient Secrets, Inc. I wanted to share my discovery with others, to prevent and reduce hair problems. I began helping many people, even a dermatologists with my hair loss treatment.

Even myself was a victim of hair loss. Before I started my company Ancient Secrets Inc. I had a business in a shopping mall, and shortly after my business was successful the corporation wrongfully kicked my business and me out due to my race. I ended up in Federal Court to protect my civil rights, equality, freedom, dignity, and justice for all. Those are your brand, the American brand and my brand. I won the Landmark Case by a unanimous 12 juror vote.

I am very grateful for those jurors that gave me my life back. I suffered greatly during this time, and I developed Graves’ disease and stress-related illnesses. This was the time when I began to lose my hair. I was lucky enough to have this very unique formula called, “7 Plant Extracts” or “7PE” to get my hair back

After many years of hard work, Ancient Secrets Inc. – 7PE became a small business online. Thanks to Google and social media.

If I earn your trust, I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with the results of our products. With your support, I will be able to fulfill my dream of helping people, like my grandmother and myself. Whether it’s one person or millions, it is my passion to help people with the prevention of hair loss.

I can’t wait to serve you. Thank you.