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Glendale, Az, United States


I love to travel the more places I can see the better! I love reading and yoga these are both my stress relievers and huge passions of mine. I am really into fashion and current hair trends, I really appreciate all styles and really enjoy seeing how everyone is so different. I have a dog named daisy and really enjoy taking her for walks. Time with friends and family is also a big thing for me.

Skills and Techniques

I like to use one day a week to play around and "Create" just playing with products I have or new things I have found and see what happens, some designs I really like and use for my line and some don't make the cut, but I am always looking for ways to improve my products. I like to look for inspiration from being out and about, seeing a vase or a shirt with a certain design that I am really drawn to then using a variation of the in my hair accessories. I love making my products to be artistic and unique but still very wearable. Flowers, crystals, and wire are my favorite things to use in my accessories, I don't think they need to be over the top to be artistic.

Get to Know

I created Andrea Elizabeth Designs as a way to get my hair accessories out to a larger audience, I love handmade, creative, and unique products and wanted to get my pieces out to those who feel the same. I love what I do, making hair accessories that people will love to wear and show off. I make pieces that I would pick out in the store and things that show off my style, which is flowers, jewels, and shine. I feel so lucky to be able to do what I love and having people wear my pieces is such a great feeling.

I was a hairstylist for 12 years and was always looking for fun creative accessories to add to my clients hair, especially for wedding, dances, and other events where you really want something special. I was not finding anything that really stood out or was special so I started making my own. The clients at the salon loved these pieces and that is how my business started. .

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