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Whether it be the current (March 2020) pandemic, the death of loved ones, holidays, or just everyday life, my inspiration comes from many places. A blank canvas is never daunting to me. Each one opens the door to freedom of expression. My very first pieces were celebrations of people in my family. Then I branched out to new techniques. I love pull chain pours for example. Just like nature, they create unique patterns and the combination of colors is limitless. Photo-to-canvas transfers are another favorite of mine: they allow me to make up for my lack of drawing skills by using royalty-free images I purchase, and mix them with colors, backgrounds and techniques that transform the original image into a unique piece all my own.

Skills and Techniques

I never know ahead of time what technique or medium I will use. I unpack a blank canvas and let my imagination take over from there. Because I am self-taught I feel unencumbered by rules. Everything is possible and worth exploring! Trial and error do not intimidate me, and some of my best pieces were "rescued pieces" that didn't start all that well.

Get to Know

Welcome to "Art by Elle"! I am self-taught and started creating art as a means to reduce stress. After a period of high emotional roller coaster due to deaths of close family members, including my mother, I took up mixed media and acrylic paint. Creating art gives me an outlet to express feelings that are sometimes hard to put into words. My pieces include acrylic pour, a medium which is often unpredictable. That teaches me to let go of control of the outcome. I also like mixed media, collage and photo-to-canvas transfer, which give me the flexibility to use various textures and methods to put together a piece from various components that were not necessarily created to be together. As you will see throughout my shop, I don't stick to one particular style. I love to experiment!

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