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I'm passionate about creating art!

Skills and Techniques

Watercolor Painting
Pen and Ink
Mixed Media
Acrylic Painting
Drawing and Illustration

Get to Know

Art by Nicola
I’m Nicola, an artist who was born, raised, and living in southern Massachusetts. My art often focuses on New England, my home.

Ever since I was a child, I have looked at life and thought, “I want to paint that...”

I’m happiest when in my studio! You will find me there in the early morning and into the late night trying to create art that captures a moment, sight, idea, emotion, feeling or fantasy. I pull inspiration from little moments in the day, my passions, my hobbies, books, my imagination, and sometimes even from my dreams in my Surrealism art.

Creating art is often a process. I enjoy each step and on my Facebook page you will often see my art at various stages in the process. That is where I share the early idea I’ve captured in a thumbnail or the refinement that comes with a sketch. You may even see an early stage of a painting before it is complete. Facebook is often the first place a painting will appear when it is finished.

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