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Parma, OH, United States

Quick Blurb

Original handmade jewelry for under $25. Bead weaving, chain maille, metal casting, wire wrap, decoupage, crochet, mix media.


Bead weaving, bead loom, chainmaille, metal casting, wire wrap, lapidary, knit, crochet, kumihimo, mix media, handmade jewelry, costume jewelry, crystals, anklets, bracelets, cuffs, slave bracelets, necklaces, chokers, earrings, knives, art jewelry, vintage jewelry, recycled jewelry

Skills and Techniques

Chainmaille, bead loom, metal casting, wire wrapping, cabochon making

Get to Know

Teachers said I was talented. I was full of dreams and cognizant of a future full of possibilities. I enrolled in the venerable Cleveland Institute of Art to study design.--I was going to get to New York and set the fashion world on fire. My parents said this was not a concept based on reality. After paying for the first year of my art education myself with scholarships hard won, there was no more money from my family. I dropped out to go to work in restaurant and hotel kitchens hoping eventually to get back to my studies. But life happened with two marriages, five children, and six grandchildren --I barely had time to breathe and reflect, much less pick up a sketch book.

My second husband, Steve, who is a muralist and sculptor himself won my heart by encouraging me to get creative again. ArtJewelryClassics is a product of that love and support and awakening those long dormant girlhood dreams. Much of my stuff is based on historical and geographic styles. My jewelry is reasonably priced; I'm not really motivated by profit--I am excited by people choosing my art, and having it to enjoy.

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