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Visalia, CA, United States

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Kids of all ages need Art for a healthy brain. My goal is to promote, support, and provide healthy brain development.


Recycled Art . Collages, memorials, and photography are but a few of my interests.

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Hello. I hope your day (or night) is going well. Please call me Sharona (as did my great-grandmother). I am old school.All my life I have looked at things from a perspective viewed as unique. During my lifetime I've saved, reused, restored, redone, reworked and redecorated many material possessions. I enjoy encouraging and inspiring all young at heart's creative talents. Recently at our town's Cinco de Mayo Fiesta young folks of all ages produced personal works of art from 100% recycled boxes, film canisters, oat cereal plastic lids, CD cases, cassettes, or CD cases. All materials (including an array of embellishments) I gave freely. My Art was viewed. The positive feedback I received directed this exciting venture with you all. I maintain an arsenal of everyday household items to show my personal perspective.FOUND: Sources include finds and saves from Family, Friends and neighbors.Antique,Bazaar,Clearances,Closeouts,Estates,Garage,Rummage,Second Hand, Thrifts, Yard sales etc. PARTS: Material include barrettes, beads, bubble blowers,buttons,earrings, fabric,floss containers, feathers, hair clips, party favors,pins, rhinestones, glass,lace,plastic,rubber,wood etc. adhered with putty to various surfaces. One of a kind guaranteed.

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