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Kokomo, Indiana, United States

Quick Blurb

the flash of a new idea, an old memory, or burning question. Style & medium are means to a fun end


acrylic painting, oil painting, assemblage art, sculpture, jewelry, wire wrapping, mystical, magic, Wicca, Pagan, carving, wands, ACEO, spirituality, stones, crystals

Skills and Techniques

Tree's creations combine skills, from a variety of sources, to create unique works of art.

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Get to Know

I'm a totally self educated artist that creates out of a simple need to do so, and I continue to learn about the art world because I love it. I strive for the highest quality materials and methods I can offer in everything that I craft. I work most often with oil & acrylic paint, Prismacolor Pencils & various 3-D artifacts gathered from travels and adventures. Most of my Fine Art is both decorative and conceptual in that I desire to not only show a viewer an image alone but also hope to offer something worthy of contemplation. Art work often begins with the flash of a new idea, an old memory, or a burning question. In addition to Fine Art, I like to make things -- all sorts of things. I limit my Muse to items of a practical and/or spiritual, rather than strictly decorative, nature such as wearable jewelry & ritual shamanic tools, but I do like to have fun as well so some silly does sneak in at times.

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