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Castle hayne, Nc, United States

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Welcome to Artsy’s by Bobbi D.
I sell one of a kind Paintings on Canvas and Tiles and a few
crafty items such as custom Jewelry, which is limited and a few sculptures in clay, also limited.
Painting is my definately passion, I live, breath and bleed paint. I really wouldn’t know what to
do without it. My style is somewhat unique and has been developed over 35 years. I have
designed custom pieces of all kinds. I now offer custom painted Tiles, which I love. They are used
as coasters, kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles or even framing to create a unique piece of wall Art,
pretty much whatever you want to use them for.
Custom orders are welcome and I love working with clients. Swatches of paint colors,
fabric prints, wallpaper or anything that can be used to make sure I can create the
perfect piece. Please enjoy your visit to my shop And the many pieces ready to go.
Thank You for stopping by Bobbi D

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