Virginia Beach, VA, United States

Quick Blurb

Retired in 2010 and I'm loving it! A full time mom to three incredible Basenjis, who keep my world hopping and interesting!


dog shows, obedience, agility, lure coursing, tracking, quilting, cross stitching, machine embroidering, crocheting, wood working, pen making, sewing, photography, computer graphics and desktop publishing.

Skills and Techniques

Dog handler, trainer and behaviorist over 50 years. Sewed over 56 years and enjoy making just about anything, including items used in dog sports. Wood working skills for making as well as designing furniture, cabinets from domestic and exotic woods. I turn exotic woods and acetates for writing pens and mechanical pencils, including cutting my own pen blanks for grain enhancement.

Get to Know

Husband Michael and I have been owned by Basenjis since 1975. Through the years, we have enjoyed many of dog sport disciplines including competitive obedience, bench showing, lure coursing, tracking and made a few attempts at Agility (but I couldn't run fast enough!). To support and augment these activities, I've made collars, leashes, article boxes, tack boxes, wooden custom trophies, jumps (practice and regulation), dumbbells (wood and plastic), coats, blankets, show leads, slip leads and martingale leads, selling here and there as I attended competition events. I enjoy watching my creations prove their design, durability, usefulness and longevity.

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