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Austin, TX, United States

Quick Blurb

I have been making jewelry for 17 years and love finding new ways to make pieces, new materials to use & new things to make!


beads, beading, metal, jewelry, purse, clutch, resin, glass, videogames,

Skills and Techniques

Beading, flameworking, sewing, clay, resin, painting, embossing

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Get to Know

I grew up in Austin, TX and learned how to make jewelry from my grandmother in between games of Donkey Kong and Super Mario Brothers on the SNES. She taught me a basic stringing method, then a figure-8 type pattern (which I have now found is a 2-needle right angle weave!), and from that, I've tried to do bigger and better pieces that I frequently wear and give friends.

I try to make pieces that you can wear anytime, whether it's to work, the bar or to a special occasion. I love getting challenged to make custom items, so message me if you'd like to see something in a different color or style.

I mainly work on making jewelry pieces, but am currently attempting to branch out to other things such as flameworked/lampworked beads, resin pieces, clay pieces, purses/clutches and have a few more things in mind to play with. I also love taking any opportunity to teach people how to make things on their own whenever I can!! I love being able to share ideas and helping others create things for themselves that they'll love for years to come.

Come follow my journey in learning and excitement as I find new techniques that I try and sometimes fail at, but still teach something in the end that can be used later! I will be blogging occasionally about these experiments so keep an eye out!