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Marina del Rey, CA, United States


Vintage jewelry tells a story the same way an old photo, stared at for long enough, reveals the intricacies of the life behind the eyes of the subject. Who wore it? Where did they get it? Was romance involved? Was it cherished or thrown aside along with the purchaser? Was it created by a famous designer or pieced together by an envious friend? The tiny diamond in the center was all he could afford but he approached her with the confidence of a man about to present the Hope diamond to his true love. Did she accept?
My dolls are created to honor a dear friend who passed away at a very young age. Before she left she gave me a wooden doll that had been sitting on a shelf. Years later, I found myself mentally recreating that doll In many different forms using the jewelry findings I had. I call them Jewely Dooley Dolls. I hope you enjoy seeing them here.

Skills and Techniques

I have learned so many new skills recently, my head spins. Last week I learned how to laminate dough with butter and make fabulous croissants and Danish pastries. Though I don’t sell these yet, I do have something in mind....
A dear friend showed me how to paint eyes and mouths on my dolls. The art of wig making is very much under appreciated. I have not yet mastered that. Jewelry making is self taught except for wire wrapping skills I am still practicing. But I received private lessons from a master so soon I will conquer that as well. I look forward to learning something new every day as I am sure we all do. Stay tuned as I build this store and share my creations and those of others with you.

Get to Know

Hi, my name is Jamie. I am a Registered Nurse by profession and a jewelry and doll maker by avocation and finally a jewelry collector by passion. I am also a grandmother by my sons’ and their wives wise decisions. In addition to all that, I am an occasional author and will offer one of my books for your reading pleasure from time to time. I have been selling my jewelry, dolls and books on various websites and At various venues but now, as my life situation unfolds in a direction, not of my choosing, I am hope to combine my entrepreneurial spirit under the single ArtFire umbrella and hope for the rains that cause all of you to run under here with me.

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