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Near everything that I make is inspired by either my love of the McCobb weird creepy or off-kilter things in life or inspired by my own aesthetic everything I make I would wear in a heartbeat and as for my snarky decor I always feel more comfortable surrounded by things and in a space that reflects me personally rather than having to settle for things that are kind of okay so I just wanted to be able to give that to other people and my inspiration is making people not feel as alone out there if they are if I can connect to one person through my heart and my stuff then I feel like I've accomplished what I set out to do

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First off thank you for coming to my shop Black Widow Boutique is ran by me and everything I make is designed by me and executed by me. I've just recently gotten back into my artistic life after a six-year health-related Hiatus from pretty much everything in life. I've always been a little weird, a little creepy ,a little quirky and a little off and so forth, my style has always followed.Its always been easier for me to find things I love around Halloween time so I wanted to make a shop where you can find the things that make your strange weird little heart happy year round. So please enjoy shopping through my items and if you have any questions or want to request a custom piece please feel free to send me a message