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Jackman, ME, United States

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A stained glass artisan and decorative painter, Coco Watkin works out of her home studio in the Northern Woods of Maine.


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About ByCoco: At ByCoco, my goal is to bring you art for your everyday enjoyment. I look forward to gaining your trust and confidence in my craftsmanship and service. I also have a shop on, another venue for buying and selling handmade arts/crafts. You can visit my other shop by going to
About Coco: My name is Coco Watkin. I grew up in New Orleans where the atmosphere is rich with culture and where imagination is celebrated through its architecture, its music, its food, its Mardi Gras and its other festivals. New Orleans is a large city with a small town flavor and a special love of the arts--visual, performing and culinary.
As a military wife of 30+ years, I've experienced different cultures within the United States and abroad, each exuding their own indigenous artistic flair for transforming the ordinary in life into something extraordinary. Beauty abounds if we just take time to notice.
As the mother of five children, necessity has often been my inspiration and on a fairly regular basis has proven to be the mother of invention. Parenting has been a wild and unpredictable ride, and I would do it all over again, especially if I could do it over again with the same husband who is a fantastic father.
Among other endeavors, I am a part time artisan specializing in stained glass and decorative folk painting (European style stroke work). Over the years, I've also dabbled in carved candles, soap, clay, needlework, fountains, basic carpentry refinishing, chair caning, and various types of sewing, as well as candy and jelly making. Often while creating something in my studio I am tapping into my knowledge of and skill in more than just one artistic medium. My other passion is for transforming trash into treasure or giving new life to something old. Both the process of creating and the process of transforming objects are spiritual experiences for me--It's when I feel most alive.
I mentioned my husband earlier. He too has a creative side and specializes in wood work ranging from furniture, to turnings, to carvings. He has also been known to string Native American chokers, use a potter's wheel, tell mesmerizing stories, and fabricate some pretty amazing tools for use in the wilderness. He and two of our sons operate a small apiary that produces both raw local honey and aromatic bees wax. With any luck, you will be able to purchase some of their items soon.
Whether you buy something or not, I hope you enjoy browsing through the items I have up for sale. And if you ever have a need for a unique gift you would like me to design and make, just let me know. You can contact me through my Artfire store. I look forward to working with you and bringing you art for your everyday enjoyment.