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Easton, Kansas, United States


Raising Angora Goats, Hand spinning, Hand Dyeing Silks and Wools, Working with Mohair from my goats

Skills and Techniques

Hand dyeing silk and wool roving hand spinning Cobweb Felting Needle Felting Wet Felting

Get to Know

I am fascinated with natural fibers. So much so that I started raising Colored Angora Goats about 8 years ago so I could have wonderful mohair.

I am a hand-spinner, a wet felter, a crocheter, a needle felter, and a goat shearer.

I love dyeing natural fibers. I hand dye silk scarves, wool roving, mohair, you name it, I'll change its color!

I will soon be selling mohair locks as well as wool roving and roving that I've blended on my drum carder.

Please come and visit often.

If you are interested in my goats and their stories, check out my blog at

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