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I'm old school and I appreciate and enjoy exploring those things that our forefathers used and appreciated. The industrial revolution has created many chemical scents and skin care products. However we have largely lost those natural products in the process. I would like to see a renaissance in men's natural skin care products.

Skills and Techniques

I have 23 years experience as an herbalist and a natural product developer. I make most of the ingredients used to make my products. I distill essential oils from botanical's which I wild harvest and source from trusted suppliers and trappers. I use laboratory glass in my extraction processes. This ensures full spectrum essential oils of the highest quality crafted with care and precision.

Get to Know

Castoreum 76 was created to offer men skin care products that are safe and natural. I never use any harmful chemicals or materials. I make everything in house from natural materials found in nature such as animal fats and aromatics, absolutes, essential oils distilled from flowers, woods, and resins.

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