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Las Vegas, NV, United States

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Awareness, gemstones, crystals, Czech Fire Polish, bead weaving

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Learning more everyday.

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"I never saw a purple cow; and I never hope to see one. But I can tell you anyhow, I'd rather see than be one." I received this poem attached to a purple cow from my best friend Dee Dee when I was in Junior High School. I did not know at the time how important that purple cow was to me. When I decided to open a shop to sell my jewelry, I had trouble thinking up a name. In early 2009 I learned that March 26 is "Purple Day". Everyone is encouraged to wear purple on that day to support Epilepsy Awareness. Purple has always been my favorite color. I remembered that purple cow and I knew that I had to name my business Cheryls Purple Cow. A book has been written based upon this popular poem. The book is about how to succeed in the world of business. A purple cow is something unusual that we all would like to have or even see just once. It is also the secret to having a successful business. Because of the book, the purple cow has come to represent something extraordinary. My best friend Dee Dee was not ordinary and neither was I. We are both still purple cows. I didn't realize back then how wonderful it was to see things differently than others. That is how Cheryls Purple Cow was born. I even located my friend through the Internet and found out that she has Lupus. The Awareness Ribbon for both Epilepsy and Lupus is purple. Strange coincidence?

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