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Bloomingdale, GA, United States

Quick Blurb

I knit, sew and crochet items for home and personal use. I will do special orders if you need different patterns or colors.


I love knitting, crocheting, sewing,making one of a kind originals for infants,toddlers,children and adult,dolls and bears and so much more. I also love taking care of the wild animals that need help.

Skills and Techniques

I have sewn,knitted and crocheted for 40+ years

Get to Know

I learned to sew, knit and crochet in 4H as a child. I won many blue ribbons at the local fairs and went on to State fair where I won blue ribbons. As an adult, I made clothing for my children, and handmade items for friends and family at holiday times. For a while, I designed and sewed vest and jackets for a company that did only handcrafted goods. It was great to see a vest I designed and sewed on a rock star in concert. He may not have known it was me that did it,but I knew. When I moved south, I decided to make items and sell them at local flea markets. I was surprised at the overwelming responds that I received. A number of years ago, I became a licensed wildlife rehabititator. I use the funds I raised to help the injuried and orphaned animals that came to me. With all the animals coming in it did not leave time to do flea markets so I decided to look for other avenues to sell. I found sites on the internet that were available for me to sell on. I opened small booths on several sites. I have been training others to take over the care of the wildlife to allow me to continue with my handmade sales. I will be introducing many new items and opening booths on new sites in the days to come.

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