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CLEVELAND, TN, United States

Quick Blurb

*Co*Ma*Ki* Designs is a team of glass and metal artists. We have now added 'SteamPunk' into our line of designs. Enjoy!


Fused Glass, Warm Glass, Lampworking, Glass beads, jewelry, abstract glass art, kiln worked glass, torch worked glass, wire work, metal work, steampunk, gears, industrial

Skills and Techniques

fusing, slumping, cold working, annealing, lampwork, flame work, torch, wire work, metal work, re-purposed, upcycle, brass, steamy

Get to Know

We are a mother and daughter team of glass and metal artists.

Pat, aka Mom, is a Fused Glass Artist and a steampunk afficianado. For Pat, it all started with an Adult Community Art class, and grew from there. She has been taught by some of the biggest names in the Warm Glass community, yet has developed a distinct style all her own. Pat enjoys the time spent designing and experimenting to get the look and the results that she is after. Given the chance to re-purpose items, she has developed her own steamy look. She has also started teaching her grand-daughter the joys of fused glass, and we think we have a new budding glass artist in the family.

Allison, aka Daughter, is a Lampwork Artist. She learned from Pat about fused glass, but realized she did not have the patience to wait on the kiln. Allison soon saw a lampwork demonstration and was hooked by the fire and immediate results of torch worked glass. After taking a couple of classes, Allison is self-taught on most of her techniques, and enjoys pushing the glass and the torch to see what results. The steamy side of her art slowly appeared thanks to a pile of broken jewelry that appeared on her studio work table one day.

*Co*Ma*Ki* Designs started as a collaboration between Pat and Allison and the name was born out of bits of last names. Though we live in seperate states (both physically and sometimes mentally *grins*) we enjoy working together to bring out the best in both of us.

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