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Crestview, fl, United States

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I love doing all kinds of crafts.

I have been doing crafts for over 40 years. I love doing a variety of crafts. My shop is in my home. Most of my crafts are done in my living room. I have a couple of tables set up for painting ceramics and working on signs. I like the fact of not having to dress up for work and that I can work barefoot. If I had my way I would never wear shoes.

The various crafts I do are: crocheting with both yarn and string, ceramics, small garden statues, stepping stones, wooden signs, working with plastic canvas, cross stitch, some embroidery and some sewing. Occasionally I will come up with a new item, such as my redneck birdfeeder.

Over the years people have hired me to make things such as crocheted table cloths, nativities, gnome statues, afghans etc. My sister recommended I start going to craft shows. So I did and enjoy doing them. After several years on another craft web site, a friend told me about "ArtFire" and I decided to try it out. I've met some wonderful, very talented people throughout the years making and selling crafts on-line.