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Willisamsburg, va, United States

Quick Blurb

Here's to yarn, beads, and a sunny afternoon in my favorite chair!!


I love crocheting and making jewelry, but I've also spent hours painting, drawing, cross-stitching, scrapbooking, and even doing a little knitting. Reading, hiking, and simply spending time with my family are also favorite pastimes.

Skills and Techniques

Basic and advanced crochet, beading with wire, and creative design. I also have some experience with tunisian and Irish crochet, basic knitting, and wire wrapping.

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Get to Know

Hi! My name is Connie and I've been crafting in one way or another since my mother first allowed me to use scissors. Paper dolls, noodle art, perler bead fridge magnets, and popsicle stick art were just a few of my early favorites. When I got a little older, I took up drawing, a little acrylic painting, and with the help of one of my friend's mother, cross stitching, which I absolutely loved. By the time I was a teenager, I was stitching complicated patterns that took months to complete - and an equal amount of my allowance to frame! Luckily, I became friends with a wonderful woman who owned a framing gallery and shop in my Arkansas hometown that showcased and supported local artists. She helped me frame my art economically and when my grandmother taught me how to make jewelry using the same technique she used (and still uses) to make rosaries, she also encouraged me to display some of my work in her gallery. Finding a new outlet for my creativity, I threw myself into it whole heartedly. I started putting my artwork in the county fair (and later the state fair, as well) and going to craft shows. My jewelry became my passion and I continued making it, off and on, even after I left for college, only selling and giving away enough to make me feel I was justified in spending a little more on yet another bead order. *smile* Eventually I lost interest in my crafts, mostly because I had nothing to do with it all but let it gather dust and was frustrated with my lack of success in marketing it. I was relatively certain my friends and family were tired of me always giving them stuff I'd made by then - although I realize now that they were often reluctant to accept a gift that they knew I'd put so much time (and often money) into. Then in 2004, I was deployed overseas with a Maintenance Company in the US Army. While I was there, my mother mailed me some tiny little cross stitch projects and cheap jewelry making kits. I realized while I was there that I missed crafting and upon returning, I asked my mother to help me relearn something I hadn't done since I was probably ten - and absolutely hated at the time: crocheting. Of course, much to her frustration, I was trying to get her to explain it to me over the phone... But I was determined to learn how to make something other than a doily - which was the only project I ever finished when she first taught me how, and that was only because she made me. I went on to make baby blankets, layettes, and even booties (probably the hardest thing I've ever crocheted!) as gifts, mostly because they were always small projects and terribly cute, to boot. A sweater or two, some scarves, and my favorite project thus far: the garter I wore on my wedding day. After the wedding and our subsequent move to Colorado, I decided it was time to try to find a market for my crafts again - and who do I find online but ArtFire! As an Army wife, I am absolutely loving staying at home as a housewife, and I am thrilled that I finally have the time to really explore crocheting and more detailed design work, along with all the other wonderful forms of arts and crafting!

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