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I have been playing with hula hoops from childhood, as many have - but that all changed after I found hoopdance! I have been in the circle and use flow as my medicine ever since. Its fair to say I'm hooked on hooping! I love making hoops and teaching hoopdance to friends and strangers alike!

Skills and Techniques

We use special tools for perfect seamless connections, tiny rivets to keep hardware interference at a minimum, and our tubing inserts are easy to use! No need to heat up the hoop to put it together. They are ready to spin!

Get to Know

I am a pixie living a human existence! Fascinated by nature and tinkering myself a blissful life at my hoopmaking homestead in the foothills of California. I am a mother of three with a green thumb and green eyes. I am a creator of many crafts including feather earrings, polymer dread beads/figurines, synth dreads, precious stone/gem headresses, crocheting and of course, hula hoops. I love my job of being a toymaker and take pride in creating hoops that inspire others to be creative in dance, joyful in play, and healthy in fitness.

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