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Snohomish, Washington, United States

Quick Blurb

"Dazzlin Leashes" began in the Winter of 2008-2009. Dazzlin Leashes are durable yet elegant. Each one a unique creation.


Everything I do revolves around our little family here, our Cotons. I love long walks with our Cotons. Snow-shoeing is our Winter walkies. I enjoy reading, music, road trips, photographing our Cotons and movie night here with home made popcorn.

Skills and Techniques

I have always enjoyed making blankets and toys for our Cotons and dog friends. I especially enjoy creating Dazzlin Leashes. So that I can continue adding new dazzle to our bead stock here I try to attend at least 2 or more bead shows a year.
Upholstery, braiding and making knitted collars are other activities I enjoy. Of course I enjoy expanding my creative side and skills.

Get to Know

Hi, I'm the Mom of Mountainaire Cotons and I am the creator of "Dazzlin Leashes". Our Cotons have been bringing joy and heart-smiles to us since the year 2000.

I am retired from the Maritime Industry and have the wonderful joy of being an "at home Mom" to our Coton family. Retirement also has allowed me to explore my creative side.

We live in Cle Elum, Washington, USA - in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. We enjoy our warm dry summers and the snow in winter.

It is our snow in winter that inspired the beginning of "Dazzlin Leashes". We do enjoy snow activities but some winters the weather keep us indoors and during one very long winter I decided I wanted to create some special leashes with bling for my Coton family members. I've always enjoyed making special blankets for our Cotons and as gifts for our doggie friends so it seemed natural to expand my creativity to other dog accessories.

By the time I had created my third Dazzlin Leash for my Cotons here some of our friends asked me if I would make a "Dazzlin Leash" for their Coton. Well as they say "the rest is history". Now it's possible you may spot one of my "Dazzlin Leashes" in Manhattan & Long Island NY, in Florida, also in the Windy City and in California. I am delighted so many of you have become bedazzled by my "Dazzlin Leashes".
Dazzlin Leashes are custom original designs by me. I have a large selection of beads,bling and leash base colors on hand. If you see a leash here at my Studio that you like, I will gladly make one "similar" for you. At times beads will come and go from our supply sources therefore not all beads will always be available to make a leash identical to one you see here. Most of our leashes are an original creation, one of a kind design.

Due to the typical show lead/leash design some people may find the handle uncomfortable if their dog lunges, pulls or tugs on the leash often.
My leashes are designed for small breed dogs. There are other artisans here at ArtFire who design leashes specifially for the larger breed dogs.

E-mail me and we can discuss your pet's size as it pertains your comfort when ordering a Dazzlin Leash.
We use quality beads - including Czech glass, Swarovski crystal, fire polished glass and faceted crystal, Venetian glass, various Pandora style beads,(faceted glass and crystal, misc glass and Pandora style metal beads). We also use gemstones, cats eye with and without crystals, lampwork glass, etched metals, pewter and other metal beads. As I discover more beads that enhance my designs we add them to our bead stock here. Some of our "Dazzlin Leashes" will have a charm hanging near the loop end.

Our leashes are made of 550 para cord which is very strong. I have never had one of my leashes become compromised. I have personally drop tested our beaded "Dazzlin Leashes" on hard surfaces without damaging the beads. They are durable but please be careful with your "Dazzlin Leash" as you would with a dazzling bling accessory you would wear yourself. Even though I have dropped tested our "Dazzlin Leashes", we ask that you try to avoid tossing your "Dazzlin Leash" onto hard surfaces.
Dazzlin Leashes can be used as show leashes or for fun excursions when you and your dog want to dazzle those you encounter. Dazzlin Leashes give those that wear them that "look at me" attitude. Whether using for show or out and about in the world, here we try to be more careful with our Dazzlin Leashes than we are with our plain everyday leashes. Take care of your Dazzlin Leash, beads can be broken if not cared for properly.

Even though we have not had any of the beads on our Dazzlin Leashes chip, crack or break, please inspect your Dazzlin Leash from time to time especially if it has been tossed on a hard surface often.

When not in use we recommend hanging your "Dazzlin Leash" on a leash rack.
We suggest using a soft cloth to maintain the dazzle of the beads on your leash. Maintain your Dazzlin Leash as you would a piece of your own bling you would wear. ________________________________________________________________________

Inspect your Dazzlin Leash or accessory from time to time. Chipped or cracked beads can be an injury risk.

Beads are not toys. Dazzlin Leashes & accessories
are not toys and are not intended for use by childern younger than 15 years old. Dazzlin Leashes & accessories are intended to be enjoyed as a fashion accessory for you and your Pet. Some beads, metals, glass and or crystal may contain lead and etc. Do not put any of the beads in any mouths. Do not let your pet chew on or consume any part of your "Dazzlin Leash".

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