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Winterville, NC, United States

Quick Blurb

Everything goes with denim...


Denim and other textiles, metalwork, jewelry/clothing fabrication, recycling, upcycling, construction and deconstruction (yes, residential or otherwise), demolition (not the same as deconstruction). I love to read, write and take pictures.

Skills and Techniques

Sewing, jewelry (copper, sterling, brasswork) Personal Note: Most of my items are completely reclaimed. For purposes of hygiene, earring findings (the piece you stick in your ear) are new but all other beading and material used are reclaimed items that have been given new life. All the handcrafted, hammered metals you see are reclaimed.

Get to Know

Recycling the world, one pair of jeans at a time, most items are upcycled. These materials include bits and pieces of jewelry and clothing, recycled metals and construction materials. You never know what you'll find when out on thrifting adventures with me. Come along... Find me: FaceBook: DenimSchmenim Twitter: @DenimSchmenim