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MESA, AZ, United States

Quick Blurb

Handmade Jewelry and other cool things for seriously unique items in my industrial steampunk style.


handmade jewelry, cool things, industrial, cyberpunk, post apocalyptic, scifi, steampunk, polymer clay, fantasy, medieval, Renaissance, mythical, magical, sculpting, dragon's eyes, mechanical gadgets, supernatural, mechanical animals, surreal art

Skills and Techniques

I'm pretty much wingin' it here! I do feel like I have a natural tendency for this but it's still work. It does get easier, the more I do this the better I get and the more I learn. The more I explore the sculpting tools I have, the more skilled I am with them. It's a matter of getting better by doing and trying not to get discouraged by a bad day, or week, or month for that matter. But I love it, I feel so connected to it.

Get to Know

Handmade Jewelry and other cool things by Desert Rubble, for seriously unique items in my industrial steampunk style as well as cyberpunk, post apocalyptic, fantasy, as well as fantasy, Renaissance, and medieval by Desert Rubble.

Hi! I'm Lynn and I'm Desert Rubble. I live here in Mesa, AZ with my dog Boozer. I love creating, gardening, and learning. I've been in love with sci-fi since I was old enough to be and the supernatural for even longer if that's possible. One of the best things about polymer clay for me is that I get to make things that are not necessarily based in reality, and that rocks.

I've been working in polymer clay since the spring of 2010 and I love it. I knew I would love it from the day I started thinking about it, which was awhile before I ever touched it. I think everyone has a 'thing' that is theirs, the thing they're good at, the thing they click with and this is mine. I feel free when playing with clay, liberated, you can just do anything with this stuff. I'm planning on moving on to other types of clay at some point as money allows but this pretty much rocks for now.

Am hoping next year to start working on more small sculpts, hence the need to look into other clays, would love to also get started in casting in resin to produce more than just one offs, time will tell how that goes, so many plans, only so much money and time, right?

But thanks for stopping by, I hope you had fun and I hope you found something you love!

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