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PALM COAST, FL, United States


Its a very relaxing and rewarding experience creating a Jewelry Set. I don't know exactly what I'm going to design, I have an idea of what I could do with the beads but often the design creates itself. It's crazy. I enjoy making just one design making it not only unique in its style but exquisite to the person that owns a jewel from Diane B.

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Skills and Techniques

I am a graduate of The Fashion Institue of Technology, NYC. I was a Jewelry Buyer for JC Penny's Fine Jewelry section for many years. I also design clothes and look forward to expanding my lline. With my Jewelry each piece is handmade. I use beads and other items already manufactured to create one of a kind designs. I use wire and often twist these into beads and different designs. I mix and match materials until I decide upon an idea and start creating designs.

Get to Know

DIane B. is a small company that makes handmade fashion jewelry. Already manufacturered beads and other materials are used to create one of a kind jewelry sets. Diane B. sells online at Etsy.com under Diane B Jewelry Diva and also sells at Art and Crafts Shows. Most designs are jewelry sets which includes Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet. What makes Diane B. so unique it's not just Jewelry it's Art, and you're the only one who can own it. A fabulous way of expressing your fashion style and the Artist in you.

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