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Goodyear, AZ, United States

Quick Blurb

I'm Laura. I love sharing my creativity. I enjoy many different crafts, but my one-of-kind jewelry pieces are my passion.


Gemstones, Fine Jewelry, Fashion Jewelry, Crochet, Cats, Helping animals

Skills and Techniques

Glass fusing, Wire Wrap, Wire sculpting, setting gemstones (prong and bezel), Various crochet techniques, needlepoint, crewel, embroidery

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Get to Know

My name is Laura, and I am the elder "L", CEO and Founder of Double L Originals, LLC. I am a registered nurse, single parent and animal lover. I come from a family of crafters, and my mother taught me to knit when I was 12. I am self-taught in crochet, crewel, and embroidery. In my late 20's a coworker showed me how to crochet a one-piece cable afghan, which is different than the standard of making the cable separate then stitching it in, and it has become something of a hallmark. While I still enjoy participating in many various crafts, my main focus has become jewelry.

The concept for Double L Originals began many years ago. I've always loved jewelry but was unable to afford as much as I liked, and had a hard time finding fun, fashionable jewelry for non-pierced ears. I decided to make my own earrings, when the budget allowed I went to craft stores and bought components. When I wore my holiday earrings, friends noticed and liked them, so I started making and selling them at work for a nominal profit.

When my daughter (the younger "L") and I found we enjoyed crafting together, we began making holiday earrings and ornaments. Though we tried selling at craft shows, we found it to be expensive and very time consuming. With my working two jobs, my daughter in school and involved in various activities - it was difficult to show enough to get our product out there and sometimes even to find a spare weekend. We kept at it. Then I found sources for inexpensive natural gems and gold and silver castings, I decided to started setting and wearing my own fine jewelry. I wanted to share with my friends, so I started selling at work - again with a minimal profit.

As my interest has increased, I have bought and studied many books on gems and jewelry. I have been buying tools and improving my techniques over the years. I became so interested in the natural gemstones, that I have been taking courses towards a Graduate Degree in Gemology through the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

My daughter (the younger "L") has since grown, and found a nice young man who is very computer literate. They convinced me to start selling my gemstone jewelry online and now work closely with me in this family business. When the recession hit, we decided to add fashion jewelry, holiday earrings and some other fun handmade items. We work hard at keeping our expenses to a minimum so that we can continue to offer a good value for our customers.

Since I have become a senior citizen, I have allowed myself to only work one job. I have more time to spend making jewelry, as well as taking classes to improve my technique and expand my knowledge.