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Southbridge, MA, United States

Quick Blurb

I am an artist with many skills, and are mainly self-taught. I believe I have wonderful creations to offer.


Fantasy Art, Equine Art, Eye Making for BJD, Art dolls, and sculpture. Pyrography, Dragons, Ornaments, Gift, and Treasure boxes, One-Of-A-Kind Arts and creations.

Skills and Techniques

Mural painting, wood burning, watercolor, oil, acrylic, pen and ink, pastels, pencil, both colored and leaded. In addition, I am skilled in scratch art, and general crafts, glass painting, floral arranging, and sculpture. I am best at animal realism, landscapes, seascapes, and interpretations of sky and clouds. I also enjoy fantasy art. People really love my Dragons.

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http://dreamingtreestudio.com/in… http://www.facebook.com/home.php… http://undermydreamingtree.blogs… http://cozmicdreamer.deviantart.…

Get to Know

Art is my Love, and my therapy. I cannot exist without expressing myself in this way. The gift of being able to paint imagery from my creative psyche is a gift I treasure eternally. The whimsical world of fantasy has great appeal to me. Those are the works I enjoy the most to create. However, I will not ignore realism, and utility. I am willing to accommodate most any clients needs, when it comes to commissions. I strive at working to my very best of my ability, to create happiness, and wonder. I am always open to trying something new. I newly have developed skills in designing, and creating artificial eyes for doll makers, crafters, sculptors, as well as for costume, and special effects. Payment I prefer using PayPal for all internet concessions. I do not like to receive personal checks. Use of Credit Cards is acceptable through PayPal. As of yet, I haven't included taxes, as for my business is very small. In future, I may have to include tax if my company expands markets. Regarding custom orders, and commissions, payment is expected to paid in full, before an order is processed. No order large, or small will be shipped out without verification of payment in my accounts. Shipping I try to use the least expensive shipping method available; This way I can charge you, the client as little as possible. Sometimes it is difficult to gauge what the costs will be especially with non-flat rate shipments. Sometimes I have to swallow the additional costs if the shipping comes to more than I expected. For that reason, I do not issue refunds, if the shipping is (rarely) less than I had guessed. I will Charge additional Insurance fees, if I am shipping something fragile, or expensive, such as one of my sculpts, or a higher end pyrographical piece as they are One-Of-A-Kind, and not replaceable. Refunds and Exchanges Under the rare, proven exception, that an item is lost, damaged, or is NOT what the client requested, will a refund of the actual cost of the product be issued. Shipping costs, and insurance cannot be refunded. Refunds can be immediate if the transaction was made through PayPal. Refunds are NOT GUARANTEED if paid with checks or credit not done through PayPal. That is why using PayPal is preferred. Additional Policies and FAQs All my Irises and eyes are all hand-made by myself, and not mass produced. Each design can be customized per individual request. I have hundreds of colors, and styles to choose from. Some designs can be made specific for AD type (full eye with whites) I have even gotten requests for whites that are black in color. 'Glass-like' is a general term. Most listings with that terminology, consist of various resins, of plastic. Several manufacturers have different formulations, and many eye makers tend to switch to different brands depending on availability. The pros of using resin based eyes are that they are lighter, and will not scald, or burn polymer clays when they are baked together. They are softer than glass so as to better customize an eye; via sanding, or carving. And lastly, they are a much less expensive alternative to glass. (you may have already noticed that fact) $$$ The cons of using resin based eyes is that they will not stand up to temps higher than 325 degrees f. Also, being a resin, they can be affected by solvents, and will make them cloud, or even soften. They are a relatively soft material, so can scratch, or nick. Some people are sensitive to the ingredients of these resins, and may have a reaction to the fumes, if they are all heated in large quantities. Some people get a contact reaction such as a rash. That is why all my eyes are shipped automatically with coating, unless a client specifies otherwise. I offer lines that are either Iris only, Or Art Doll (AD) 'with the whites'. They are mainly flat backed so as to be more flexible to the user for more varied applications. I do offer full-globe eyes as well, but they are much more expensive to make, and take more time, and effort. The pricing reflects that fact. (usually triple the cost). My quality standards are as follows: Casting with resins, has some issues with bubbles being trapped within layers of color, and effects. I lose between 40 and 60% due to defects that do not meet my personal quality standards. Small bubbles are allowed around Iris parts of the designs. However, any visible bubbles that exist inside the Pupils are not accepted. Bubbles that may affect the strength of the eyes are automatically junked, as they may cause splitting of the layers, and render them useless. Usually, the smaller the mm size, the less defects occur. That is a good thing with casting. Most of my defective rates increase in percentage exponentially as the mm size gets larger. Eyes and Irises within the mm sizes between 4mm and 10mm have the smallest rejected rate, (less than 15%). The smaller mm of 3mm has its own difficulties with lack of detail and increased effort in finishing. Customers must be aware that these products are hand-made, so every pair will vary in shade and quality, but I do my very best to make sure each pair matches, and are symmetrical. Profiles of these flat-backed eyes are usually mid-range in height. I do offer lower profiles as well, but am slowly phasing them out of my molds. Higher profile eyes ie; 'paperweight' style are currently not offered, but if a custom request comes in, I will try to accommodate that.

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